Construction Project Management

At B&G Builders, we pride ourselves on operating a construction company that is relationship driven, fostering a team-based atmosphere and placing our highest priorities on exceeding our client’s expectations.  We strive to do this by paying close attention to preconstruction (in the areas of design constructability, budget and schedule), promoting sustainable construction practices, and maintaining a safe and fun work environment.  While the concepts of finishing projects on time and delivering them at or under budget are inherent in what we do, we also work hard at interacting with the Design Team, Owner’s Representative(s) and Subcontractors/Suppliers, so that the entire team is committed to the owner’s goals for the project, along with B&G’s approach to project management.


Our highest priority during the pre-construction phase is to ensure that the Owner receives reliable information as to how much the project will cost so they can plan appropriately for project financing.  By doing this, B&G becomes an integrated and collaborative team member that tracks costs, informs the team of budget and schedule implications of design decisions, and provides specific recommendations to minimize costs, improve quality and optimize schedule throughout the process.  We then utilize this same strategy on all subsequent pricing revisions until the project has achieved a budget that is satisfactory and is ready for construction.

Design Process

Once original budgets have been set and approved by the Owner, it is our job to monitor the design process and inform the team when the design might be exceeding the budget.  When materials, systems, or scopes of work are designed that are out of line with previous budgets, we can offer value engineering suggestions and/or give the Owner the opportunity to change the budget accordingly.  By staying closely informed on design decisions and progress, we are able to manage estimating, scheduling, constructability, design/build subcontractor selection, value engineering, in order to successfully keep the job on budget throughout the design phase and into construction.

Project Scheduling

One of the integral steps in our cost estimating process is to create a project schedule.  This schedule helps to determine the cost of general conditions and management allocation for the project, as well as serve as a guide for the project team.  Through the course of construction, we typically hold meetings for the project team (Owner, Architect, and Contractor) on a weekly basis, bringing updated schedules and notifying team members of any changes since the last meeting/schedule update.  Similar scheduling meetings take place with our subcontractors, suppliers, and employees.  By having accurate, consistently updated, and well communicated schedules, we are consistently able to achieve scheduling success on all of our projects.